19.05.2014 - BIA’s Email Marketing – an effective way of connecting with the target audience

BIA lunched its new product  Email Marketing – one of the fastest and most effective way to connect with the target group. E-mail Marketing means sending selected messages to the target group provided by Business Catalog’s search criterias. This guarantee the effectiveness of the message. (E.g. company with a turnover over 2 million; businesses with more than 50 employees;  export-import companies; companies with foreign partners, etc.) It’s also possible to filter employees with sex, position and department.

BIA doesn’t sell mails, it only provides customers with the following services: create customized message, select target  group and deliver the message. Thanks to the attach function, transfer capacity is unlimited. Personalized message makes much easier  to communicate with the potential or existing customers. Email Marketing service also includes monitoring process - sending summary statistics to the client about message status.