Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We manage the biggest database of the corporate emails. We offer the most effective promotional service - email marketing to our clients. We will design and deliver the following offers:

  • New products presentations
  • Greetings, invitations and gift cards
  • News and information on sales
  • Newsletters
  • etc.


You have an opportunity to choose the recipients according to the following criteria:


  • Companies by business activity
  • Companies by size
  • Companies by number of employees
  • Managers (position, gender, average salary)
  • And many more


Why Email Marketing works:

  1. E-mail marketing has a broad reach
  2. E-mail marketing is proactive
  3. E-mail marketing is targeted
  4. E-mail marketing provides data
  5. E-mail marketing allows you to engage
  6. E-mail marketing has a low cost of entry
  7. Email marketing is less intrusive
  8. Email marketing is fast and simple