Creditinfo Georgia

"CreditInfo Georgia" is  NCIBs’  first successful project, which was launched on  February 14, 2005 and continues to operate successfully.

The main goal of the project is to help the business in credit management. The service plays a significant role in decision-making, especially for those who lend money, provide services or goods in credit. Today this service is available for almost every financial institution as well as for other companies in Georgia.

"CreditInfo Georgia" is operating in the field of credit information. It’s information base is used in decision-making by providing important data for banks, leasing companies and other organizations - whose activities are related to issuing loans and provision of services or goods by consignation.

Using services of "CreditInfo Georgia" will enable you to determine the financial condition, stability, reliability of the legal or physical entity's


All products and services are in accordance with EU Directive (95/46/EC) regarding personal information disclosing and processing.

CreditInfo Georgia helps clients to:

• Timely identify bad debtors and thus avoid unsuccessful transactions.

• Save time and resources – by not extending credit or supplying services or goods to people unable or unwilling to meet financial obligations.
• Decrease claims and write-offs by using objective and verified information as a foundation for business decisions.
• Improve cash flow - decrease of bad debtors means less money outstanding.
• Increase profit levels as a result of fewer write-offs.
• exchange information about bad customers - no one is  willing to sell on credit to the bad debtor.
• Establishing a pricing policy –good credit information allows you to gain good, low risk clients with better prices.
•Lower debt collection costs - by eliminating more bad debtors earlier, you spend less time and money in the end.


Supervisory Board:



Hakon Stefansson

Senior Manager,   Creditinfo SCHUFA GmbH




Board Member

Aieti Kukava

GM, National Credit Information Bureau




Board Member

Maia Meredova

General Director, Procredit Bank




Board Member

Tea Lortkipanidze

Deputy General Director , TBC Bank




Board Member

Vasil Verulashvili

Credit Risk Management Department, Director, Bank of Georgia




Board Member

Nino Berishvili

Head of Risk Division, Bank Republic -  Societe Generale Group